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Joe's Triple Double Powers the Hawks

Most Hawks' fans probably felt and acted just like Coach Woodson and I last night--scared about a trap game, yelling just to make some guys focus, flinching anytime Al 'the Boss' Horford landed funny on a rebound, worried about Smooth having a melt down, wondering if Bibby is going to be a Hawk in two months, frustrated by a lack of effort from some players, puzzled at the horrendous OKC shot selection, and finally relieved that Joe Johnson showed up to carry the Hawks to a victory.

Super Joe continues to make a case for a starting spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star team. He had a triple double last night in the Hawks' win versus the lowly Oklahoma City Thunder. (Aside--this morning I still am flabbergasted by Robert Swift's appearance for the Thunder. He has made a ton of money in the league, but don't you think he would have been served well by some time on a college campus? He has to be high on someone's list of worst first round draft choices in the last 20 years.) Johnson's best quality is his consistency. He brings effort and energy every night. He is playing better than AI, Ray Allen, and Vince Carter. Super Joe passes, plays defense, and rebounds better than any of those guys. He is just a notch below Dwayne Wade as the best shooting guard in the East.


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