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USA Hoops Goes for Gold...(1st Half)

I wanted to watch the Gold Medal game live, so here I am at 2:33 in the morning on Saturday night watching Olympic basketball. I am stone cold sober just to blog during this game. Clearly, I have drunk the Kool Aid, and I totally have bought the Coach K program!

1st Quarter--Jose Calderon Spain’s point guard is out with a hamstring injury, but Ricky Rubio just made a great no look pass on a 3 on 2 break for a dunk for Gasol. Lebron just picked up his 2nd foul. That is not good. This game already looks like it is going to be more physical. Coach K is leaving Lebron in the game. Depth is a major factor, Doug Collins and I agree. USA is doubling on the high ball screen. That strategy just leads to a 3 by Spain. Spain is playing with much more spirit and confidence tonight. Kobe just fouled a 3 point shooter and picked up his 2nd foul. USA is in foul trouble big time. Kobe and Lebron are out. Dwayne Wade is in and USA chants start from the crowd. Even though I am a Hawks fan and it might keep them out of the playoffs, I am so excited for a healthy Wade for this NBA season. Wade just exploded to the basket for a three point play. With about 5 minutes left and USA down 4, Carmelo caught Rubio’s wrist and now he is out. He needs to toughen up to play in the NBA. Spain down to their 3rd point guard—some guy named Lopez. NBC’s Craig Sager just said it is a hyperextension. 22-22 and Spain drops into a 2-3 zone. Now Lopez has 3 fouls. Rubio is taped and back into the game. USA with full court pressure, but they switched the screen and roll giving Garbjosa a 3 point make. Wow, Wade got fouled shooting a 3 point shot. Marc Gasol is huge. He just scored on a great back to the basket post move. USA up 7 at the end of 1st quarter with great minutes for USA second team of Wade, Prince, Paul, and Bosh.

2nd quarter—Unsportsmanlike foul called on Dwight Howard. He just grabbed Gasol after losing him on a back cut. Kobe just had a dunk and the Spanish bench went crazy. I guess they wanted a traveling call. C’mon, when you are crying for a call on a break away like that, you know that your team is in trouble. Rubio is only 17 years old and he can really play. I would like to see a plus/minus on Jason Kidd and Chris Paul during the Olympics. Spain is now in the bonus with more than ½ the quarter left. Shooting free throws slows the game way down. Big transition conversion for Team USA. Spain had a steal, then we stole it back and Lebron scored. Wade just stole a pass at the top of the key and dunked on the other end. USA is 7-10 on 3 point shots. Doug Collins just gave a great stat—going into this game Kobe has 11 assists and 12 turnovers in the tournament. Yikes! Wade is carrying the team right now. (After that made 3, my friend texted me that the Hawks should trade Mo Evans, Speedy Claxton, and 2 second round draft picks for Wade, I am interested probably not enough.) What a wild first half. Wade has 21 points and the USA leads 69-61. No defense at all. Spain has pounded the basketball inside and made some 3s. 2nd half is scary. USA is shooting 70 % from the field, but they are only up 8. Look for some zone from Spain, Kobe to take some bad shots, and Wade to lead the USA to the Gold Medal.


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