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The Jeff Caha Interview

During this time with little Hawks’ news to talk about, I revisited an old post to track down a human interest story. Loyal Running with Zaza readers remember our story in June about the NBDL draft camp held in Sewanee, north of Atlanta. I was there for most of the games on Saturday, and I blogged about a few players that made an impression on me. Jeff Caha was one of those players, and I was able to ask him a few questions in an e-mail interview:

RWZ: Jeff, thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for our readers. Can you tell me a little about your personal basketball history?

Caha: I am 28 years old. I played 4 years of college basketball. I have been coaching at the NAIA, JUCO, and NCAA DII levels the last 6 years as an assistant. I never really played pro ball, but I went to Spain right after college and tried to get picked up but was not good enough. I played one game in CIBA / COPA league in Mexico while coaching two years ago in Arizona at Cochise College.

RWZ: Can you tell me about your motivation and your decision to attend the 2008 NBDL Camp pre-draft camp?

Caha: Well, I took the assistant job at Southwestern Oklahoma State University this past year weighing between 270 and 275 lbs. The best strength coach, Josh Musick, is there. I started working out with him and after 5 months was in ridiculous shape and was down to 230 lbs. Josh told me I should try to play again after a day of messing around in the gym after a workout, so from March until the NBDL Camp, Josh and I worked hard to get everything right. I found the NBDL tryout, went and performed. I love the game and just wanted to try one more time as I have never been in this kind of shape before. I never had a guy like Josh around - so with the help from Josh plus doing all the drills I learned from Jerry Carrillo, whom I played for and worked with at Cochise College, I got ready for the camp.

RWZ: A cynic might say that the NBDL camp is not worth the time and that it is just quick way for some people to make some money during the summer. What was your experience at the camp and what was your goal going into the 5 on 5 games?

Caha: At Cochise College, we were taught to play as hard as possible for as long as possible. Then, we would sub you out. That was my goal at the NBDL camp: just to go and to play as hard as possible. Playing my game and trying not to do something I am not capable of doing. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THE NBDL CAMP! The feeling of being on a "team", even though we were just thrown together, was amazing. Talking on “d”, high fives, getting guys in the right places, interacting and being coached, were such a great feelings. Playing 4 games and not losing, because we tried to play together. I can say I walked out of there with no regrets. No excuses on not being picked--just not good enough.

RWZ: We know that you have not been signed yet, but what opportunities are you currently pursuing?

Caha: I still have the belief that with my ability I can help a team, somewhere in the world, but the prospects of a soon to be 29 year-old who has not played since college is not good. There is not much of a market for a guy like me. Currently, I am still looking for a chance but soon the door will close. I am trying to bust into the world of strength training and would love to work with athletes. I am close to that with an interview at Velocity Sports Performance in Champlin, Minnesota this next week. If I can’t make a difference on the court, I want to help others make a difference.

RWZ: Jeff, I enjoyed watching you play at the camp. Thanks again for your time and good luck with your interview and in the future.


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Kevin said...

I was at that Pre-Draft Camp and I might have a job for this guy in Europe. Can you pass along his e-mail to me?

November 12, 2008 at 4:29 AM

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